About Michael Diamond

Growing up in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, the youngest of five children from a working class Irish Catholic family, I realized I was different.  I would see spirits in my bedroom when I was young and I sensed what was going to happen or what people would say before they said it.  At night while falling asleep, I would frequently see “movies in my mind” of people or situations I had no knowledge of.  As I got a little older I had “imaginary friends” always around me.  I thought at that time that everyone experienced this.  When I realized this was not the case, I did my best to hide this.

At the age of 11, I had my first experience communicating with spirit when my paternal grandmother passed away. On the day of her funeral I felt my grandmother’s spirit with me during our car ride in the limousine from the church to the cemetery. I heard her say how much she loved me and that she was safe and happy. She asked me to look up into the sky because she had a gift for me. As I looked up I discovered the most beautiful rainbow pushing through the dark rain clouds above. This brought tears to my eyes and a smile across my face, proving to me that I really did hear her and that she was trying to make sure I knew it wasn’t my imagination.

When I was 18 years old I had my first experience receiving a psychic reading. This reading proved to be life changing. Not only did I see firsthand how psychic abilities could be used for good but I was also told that I had a very special intuitive gift that would one day help others. From this point on I became passionate about discovering as much as I could about all things psychic and spiritual. I read every book I could get my hands on. I soon discovered mediumship through a series of synchronistic events, through meeting friends who were also drawn to a similar spiritual path. Let me remind you, this was not the norm in Boston, which was a very conservative Catholic community. I eventually moved to New York City, where I would come to meet a special and gifted healer and friend who saw my gift and helped me to develop and trust it. With this new discovery I quickly became passionate to consciously develop and hone my psychic and mediumship abilities.

My deep desire to help people with their healing led me to a professional career in nursing. After many years working on my mediumship abilities, I knew that Spirit was ready for me to serve on another level. Through extensive spiritual training with world-renowned mediums Paul Jacobs and Janet Nohavec, as well as many others across the United States and in England, at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Mediumship and Psychic Sciences, I learned to embraced my natural calling to serve Spirit. Mediumship is my soul’s calling and I am grateful for being given this opportunity to help others.


Michael Diamond is a Spiritual Medium and teacher located in New York City. With his pure empathetic nature and genuine compassion for his clients, Michael’s goal for every session is to make each client feel relaxed and connected to their loved ones in spirit. His ability to provide specific evidence of spirit creates a pure connection, leaving his clients with no doubt that their loved ones live on and that love, like life, never dies.

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