Mediumship Session

During a mediumship session, Michael connects with Spirit to bring forward your loved ones in a way that will make you feel as though they are in the room by your side. He will provide evidential information by describing their personality, quirks and special memories that you share. Michael is connecting to a soul that no longer has a physical body, so the communication can be very subtle through the power of thought, images in his mind and a sense or feeling. After validation of presence of your loved one in spirit, Michael will share with you any messages he receives in a caring and genuine way, with the intention of delivering healing, hope and closure.

*Although it’s Michael’s intention and desire to bring forth your loved ones in spirit you wish to speak to, he cannot guarantee that they will choose to step forward. Michael connects with the Spirit world with complete openness to allow your loved ones an opportunity to connect with you.  

Mediumship sessions are available in person, by phone or Skype.

$150/50 minutes | $80/25 minutes



The best way to receive communication from Spirit is to have an open mind. There are a few things you can do to prepare that will help you get the most from your session. Initially, I'll ask that you only respond with Yes, No, and I don’t know. This will help me to validate if the evidence coming through is correct. It's best that you not help me by adding too much information at first. Later in the reading we can review any questions that may not have been addressed during the reading.

Please know that even though you may want to hear from certain loved ones, I have no control over the spirit world. I cannot determine exactly which spirits elect to come through.

The spirit world will not tell you what to do. They support you in your journey through life, but also see the bigger picture of your journey and know you are in complete control of your path. Spirit can validate your journey but they cannot make decisions for you.

Please listen carefully to what information is being shared. It may not mean anything to me, but may be very significant to you. Some Spirits have their own agenda of what they want to express. I will share with you what I am receiving, and interpret the information to the best of my ability.

If I give you a name, it does not have to be from someone who has passed. Your loved ones in Spirit may also acknowledge other family and friends who are alive. Some of the information that comes through may not make sense at first, so please write it down and check the information with your family or friends that may know. By having an open mind and listening carefully to all the information coming through, I have no doubt you will have a positive and rewarding experience.

I look forward to meeting you one day soon.